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Friday, May 04, 2018

How to survive the SCAREMONGERING tactics for the next few days to the 14th Malaysian GE?

Dear fellow Malaysians,

I am sure that most of you are feeling a bit stressed and trepidation right now. No worries. This is part and parcel of living in a state of 'Kiasuism' that has been brought about by more than 6 decades of indoctrination that both the politicians and the religious figures had been scaremongering us into submission all these years.

Let's take a look at how our lives have been affected by the way things have changed over the years of being under the same ruling coalition who have kept us divided along ethnic based lines.

We are more divided today than when our nation first gained Independence from the British Colonials who used the same divide and rule tactics over their various colonies since time immemorial. 

Personally, I have long come to realize that it doesn't really matter as to what race or ethnicity anyone is as long as the individual with whom we are dealing with is a righteous person whom we can trust or depend on?

Even our own siblings or blood relatives can betray our trust or make life very hard and difficult for us when the particular individual puts his or her own self interests before our own well being.

I am sure that each of us have our own stories or life experiences that might be similar or even worse. Those whom we might deem to be closest to us can turn out to be our own most vicious and brutal enemies. 

So, to me, it doesn't matter as to what ethnicity or nationality someone is as long as he or she does not endanger my life or my well being to such an extent that I have to run scared because of our apparent differences that I have to stick to my own group or community with which I align to with hope that they would come to my assistance when and if I need any such help?

In reality, there is just no such guarantee! Many a times have I experienced a severe let down and disappointment. I have come to a point where I try my very best to not depend on any such person who when push comes to shove almost always says,' I'm so sorry BUT I can't help you!'

We can only depend on our own self and no amount of scaremongering tactics by any party or person is gonna change my mindset that if it is to be, it is really up to you and me to see a better future for our country than to buy in to all the rhetoric that is being bandied about or posted on banners all over our beloved Malaysia right now.

All those money being wasted on political party flags and election campaign buntings could have been put to better use by helping those who are suffering, caught in abject poverty and lying sick on hospital beds worrying about how they are going to afford paying for their medical bills, etc.?

Believe it or not, even here in Kuala Lumpur, we still have homeless citizens who are sleeping on our city's sidewalks and 5 foot ways. These are Malaysians. Malays, Indians and Chinese as well as other ethnicities.

Each have their own stories to tell. They are out of sight in the daytime but come midnight and the wee hours of the morning, they'd be laying out their cardboard's or newspaper sheets to sleep upon out there in the open whilst these couldn't care less rhetoric spewing politicians doze off on their luxurious beds in air conditioned comfort in their palaces oblivious to the suffering poor.

May we get to elect a better, trustworthy, more reliable and efficient government that really practices what it preaches so we can all live in relative peace and harmony whilst progressing towards a successful Malaysia.


Back to my topic in this article, the answer is to take all these into consideration and evaluate how the contesting parties and individuals have delivered or failed to live up to their oaths which they took when they were sworn in to their positions before this!

Are they worthy of our vote? If yes, go ahead and cross your ballot for the candidate of your choice.

If not, then by all means proceed to elect those who are really sincere in running for office and help bring about a better tomorrow for our nation.

Happy Voting on the 9th of May, 2018. Don't forget your MyKad!

Let's enjoy a historical video of the late Dato' Zainal Alam who sang this song promoting the 1st ever general elections for our beloved nation:

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