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Saturday, May 25, 2019

S.Rosley Lookalike. Zuhdi Shatir.

I came across this young Tesco Station 18 cashier by the name of Zuhdi Shatir. I sensed that there was something about this good looking young man.

I recalled meeting one of the Cathay Keris era Singaporean film star S.Rosley when he was amongst the Malay Film Golden Era celebrities invited by DBKL to grace the event 'Bintang Lagenda' where I met legendary Screen Actress Zaiton and also Hashimah Yon, Wahid Satay and others.

Zuhdi is working temporarily as a Front Line Cashier at Tesco Station 18, Ipoh, Perak awaiting to furthering his Engineering studies at University Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia later this year.

When I told him that he has a striking resemblance to the late Malay film star S.Rosley and showed him S.Rosley's photo on my smartphone after doing a Google Search on the late actor / singer, he was all smiles. :) 

As they say, there are at least 7 individuals who would look like us in this world. This chance encounter would give weight to that claim.

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