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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Teresa Kok's Absurd 'Sayangi Raya ku, Sayangi Sawit ku, Aidilfitri Promotion!

Teresa Kok is quite notorious for committing numerous screw ups in her political career before this. 

Do you remember what she said about the 'dog food' which she was served during her time in the police lock up when she was arrested? Go to minute 3:42

Then she was also in the news for her 'Anti-Jawi' stand! 

Now that she is the Minister of Primary Industries after the Opposition Pakatan Harapan [Alliance of Hope] Coalition defeated the Barisan Nasional [BN] in the 14th GE last year, she has come up with an absurd video:

She fails to realize that Eid-ul-Fitri is not a cultural festivity which one can simply partake and add a commercial promotion for the Malaysian Palm Oil industry.

Aidilfitri or Hari Raya Puasa is an Islamic Religious occasion, celebrating the completion of Ramadhan, 30 days of Fasting commanded upon us Muslims by Allah, God Almighty.

It's a shame that Mat Sabu, who is now the Malaysian Defence Minister took part in this absurd recording together with YB Shamsul Akin and YB Rara!

If we are to label these 3 Malay Muslims as 'Jahil' @ Ignorant of the Do's and Don'ts concerning matters involving Islam, these 3 might take offense but their complicity with Teresa Kok and Xavier Jayakumar, two Christians is simply heart breaking in desecrating a religious celebration with something totally out of significance with Islam.

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