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Friday, November 08, 2019

Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 -Tips to get 5.0 Blood Sugar Level

Almost every 5th person here in Malaysia turns out to be suffering from Diabetes Mellitus and usually, they suffer from Diabetes Type 2. 

I found out about my condition way back in 2007 when I had my blood randomly tested at a herbal treatment centre. The reading was a shocking 26!

The herbal treatment clinic nurse was shocked and said that with such a high reading, I should be warded and treated in a hospital. I then understood why I was constantly thirsty back then?

I first started taking herbal medications at the Phang Oo Lang Herbal Treatment Centre at Kepala Batas and for a while, got some relief and managed to lower my blood sugar level.

But I have to admit, I wasn't controlling my diet and just ate normal foods and drank sugary drinks. When there was no apparent change in my blood sugar level tests , I decided to go to my local government clinic for a health examination and the medical staff there confirmed my condition to be suffering from a chronic severe case of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and a borderline hypertension.

I was then prescribed the relevant medications and when the oral tablets didn't seem to work, was prescribed insulin. I didn't bother about changing my dietary habits and still stubbornly consumed food and drinks which contained sugar. 

Let's watch the following video of a Singaporean actor, Alias Kadir who epitomized what I was sharing about earlier:

I suffered a severe case of Carbuncle recently which forced me to go to admit myself at HKL and had a surgery performed to remove the spreading carbuncle. I had no choice but to go on a totally sugar free diet.

I stopped drinking all types of canned drinks and opted to drink lots of boiled water. As a coffee drinker, I still had to have my coffee fix but I chose to drink just the Tesco Gold Coffee and Creamer. 

I stopped eating all types of preserved fruits and instead, chose to eat the Pink Lady Apples from New Zealand and Oranges. 

I stopped eating Nasi Lemak, Bihun Goreng, Kuih, etcetera and have been eating pure 100% Whole Grain Whole Meal Bread from Gardenia. My preferred brand and it's Canadian Purple Wheat Whole Meal Bread.

My blood sugar level dropped like never before. To the extent that I even had a 2.5 blood sugar reading which alarmed the staff nurses at HKL when I was admitted for the surgery.

I was forced by the nurse to consume some fruits to raise my blood sugar level to be at least 5 and above.

My late brother in law, Arwah Mohd Basir Hamzah, once bragged to me, ' Nal, 4.0!' smugly telling me how he controlled his blood sugar level.

Mine was ranging from 12 to 16 at that time. 

Even he would be shocked and alarmed at the reading shown above. At such a low level reading, one would usually be going into a coma but Thank God, I was still coherent. 

After consuming an apple and orange, my blood sugar level normalized to read 

When I missed taking my before going to bed, insulin injections, my blood sugar levels would show 8 or 9 above in the before breakfast blood sugar tests.

So, to those who are suffering from Diabetes Type 2 or those who pretend not to be a Diabetic, my advice is to stop drinking all sugared drinks altogether and drink lots of water. Be it mineral water or boiled water.

No more sugary snacks. Don't go crazy and stuff yourself silly with all those sweet stuff and go easy on the rice.

Change to consuming pure wholemeal bread and if you can, bake your own bread as I did.

 I had breakfast with my own baked wholemeal bread prepared by my wife.

If you can't bake your own wholemeal bread, I suggest that you go and buy Gardenia's Canadian Purple Wheat Whole Grain Bread:

Stop drinking sugary drinks, consume Whole Meal Bread. Stop snacking on unhealthy food. Eat apples and oranges. Reduce your rice intake.

You can get 5.0 blood sugar level readings and even below as I am. Insya Allah.

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Wee Jeck Seng, Calon PRK Tanjong Piai P165 dari MCA - BN , tetap Anti Syariah Allah! PAS masih SOKONG???

Memang sah bahawa pendirian parti politik PAS @ Parti Islam seMalaysia yang berslogankan 'Membangun Bersama Islam' cuma retorik politik duniawi semata mata!

Mana tidaknya?

Demi ingin mendapatkan kuasa politik duniawi di Malaysia ini, pendirian rasmi parti politik bertemakan 'Islam' ini sering berubah ubah menurut peredaran masa.

Pepatah Melayu ada menyebut 'Sekali air bah ; sekali pasir berubah!'. Membawa maksud bahawa bilamana sahaja pucuk pimpinan sesebuah kerajaan bertukar, maka kehidupan atau kelaziman masyarakat bawahan turut berubah.

Di dalam 'perjuangan' parti PAS yang dulunya sering berkokok ingin mendaulatkan Syariah Allah di bumi Tanah Melayu dan Persekutuan Malaysia ini, kini sudah jauh berubah dengan sanggup menyokong calon pilihanraya P165-PRK Tanjong Piai yang tetap tegas menentang pelaksanaan Syariah Allah yang kononnya di perjuangkan PAS dari dulu sampai sekarang!

Saksikan status rasmi calon MCA-BN yang dimuatnaik nya dahulu:

Kini para pemimpin PAS yang pada hemat saya sanggup berbuat apa saja asalkan mereka boleh merasai sedikit kekuasaan politik di dunia ini tanpa segan dan silu boleh menyatakan bahawa parti PAS akan tetap menyokong calon BN di dalam pilihanraya kecil P165 demi muafakat politik mereka dengan UMNO baru baru ini.
Perkara Wee Jeck Seng menentang Syariah Allah sampai sekarang ini tidak diambilkira oleh Parti 'Islam' seMalaysia kerana terbukti bahawa mereka mengamalkan prinsip Machiavelli iaitu 'matlamat menghalalkan cara'.

Tangkapan paparan skrin dari Berita Harian Online hari ini.

Ternyata bahawa segala slogan slogan PAS yang sekian lama ini akan berjihad memperjuangkan Islam dan mendaulatkan Syariat Allah sekadar retorik semata mata. 

Masih ingat ke kata kata Presiden PAS berikut?

Temberang semata mata! Entahlah dunia..dunia. Takleh pakai!

Saturday, November 02, 2019

Kellie's Castle Travelogue Part 3 ~ Carpe Diem! Impromptu Models Photoshoot!

As I mentioned in my Kellie's Castle Travelogue articles before this, I had taken lots of photos of the sights and scenes of this famous historical landmark of Batu Gajah, Perak.

Being a passionate and avid digital photographer, one has to seize the opportunity to click away at anything and anyone interesting and worth photographing.

As someone who has no qualms about striking up a decent conversation and quick to make friends with total strangers, I had a field day making new acquaintances during our visit to Kellie's Castle.

Here are some photos of my impromptu photo-shoot models who posed willingly for dear old me when I asked them if I could capture their images for my blog's travelogue photo album.

I forgot to get these beautiful young ladies contact numbers or emails for me to forward to them these photos of themselves in the midst of my being busily photographing the various angles and perspectives of the place.

What a shame! Nevertheless, if any of you dear readers recognize any one of these lovely impromptu models, please share with them the url address of this blog post and send them my sincere regards and well wishes.

I pray that each and everyone of them is well and doing fine in life. They were a joy to be with and very courteous and really quite charming and decent. I believe that one of them is into business, another said that she was into geoscience and the last one said she was working as an engineer.

May Allah the Almighty bless them all. Ameen.