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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Bangau Sungai Melaka oleh Mahaguru58 Photography

Alhamdulillah! Saya dapat merakam foto Bangau Sungai Melaka semasa bercuti ke Melaka dahulu.

Dah lama tak berkesempatan pergi bercuti ke Melaka sejak berpindah tinggal di Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan. 

Semoga di izinkan Allah lagi. Amin Ya Rabbul Alamin.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Covid-19 ~ Benefits for Planet Earth and its inhabitants from the Coronavirus Pandemic!

Benefits from the Covid-19 Pandemic? 😲

You might think that I'm nuts? Ermmm...well, let us think about the subject.

We need to take a look at the way, this Covid-19 pandemic has caused the entire human population to really take a break. The way life for us all over the world practically sort of screeched to a halt.


Human activities everywhere, from in the urban city centres right up to the countryside and rural areas saw the disappearance of the human population from the outdoors and getting restricted to remain indoors and within their homes and dwellings.

As human activity slowly ceased all around the world as fear of getting infected by the Coronavirus drove many to remain indoors or at their own homes, the immediate effect of such a lockdown or movement control was the way that the environment started to improve and polluted waterways and atmosphere started getting cleaner and clearer.

Wildlife which was formerly forced to hide in the remaining forests slowly started coming out and ventured to the abandoned streets and roads of cities. Fishes started to reappear in the canals and waterways which were quite polluted before the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Governments such as our Malaysian authorities imposed a nation wide Movement Control Order (MCO) and set up roadblocks all over the country restricting movement and traffic crossing state borders. It was manned first by the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) but later strengthened with the presence and participation of the Royal Malaysian Army (RMA) soldiers.

Heavy fines were imposed and MCO offenders were arrested and fined RM1000! The majority of those found to be positively infected with the Coronavirus @ Covid-19 pandemic here were mostly those who were foreigners and illegal immigrants. 


As such, the Malaysian Health Ministry authorities had no choice but to get the RMP and RMA to cordon off places such as the Selayang KL Wholesale Market and its surroundings, the Selangor and Malayan Mansions at Jalan Masjid India in KL and Pudu areas where illegal immigrants such as the Rohingyas, Bangladeshis, Nepalis, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Chinese and other nationalities were in large numbers.

The Malaysian Immigration Department and enforcement officers from the Malaysian Home Ministry rounded up those found to be without proper documentation and had entered Malaysia illegally and sent them to the Detention Centres to be processed and quarantined pending repatriation to their countries of origin.

Those who were tested positive were sent for treatment at designated hospitals such as the Sg.Buloh Hospital and Covid-19 Temporary Field Hospitals set up at the MAEPS in Serdang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.


We used to seethe and grimace with anger reading about the many cases of sexual molestation of women when they are caught in inescapable situations such as being forced to travel in congested or crowded public trains or buses.

Perverts and sexual predators took advantage of groping and molesting helpless women passengers by taking advantage of such conditions where no restrictions existed before this.

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic where the Malaysian Ministry of Transportation has now imposed Social Distancing Measures by enforcing a 1 metre distance between passengers, our womenfolk are now ensured a safer travel without becoming victims to the criminal sexual predators out there who had been taking advantage of the lax conditions before this.

Below are photos courtesy of Rapid KL:

Ismail Sabri says Rapid Rail 'no power' to end social distancing measures

No more social distancing rules onboard Rapid KL trains, says CEO

For far too long, sexual predators have been going about preying upon the women in public transportation and getting away with their criminal acts, leaving traumatised victims in devastated situations, not knowing who to turn to for fear of getting harmed by the culprits!

With these Covid-19 social distancing measures, our country's womenfolk can breathe a sigh of relief, not having to go through such situations again.

You only get to see heroes coming to the rescue of our damsels in distress in the movies. In real life, most people just turn away from the incidents taking place before their very eyes, and pretend not to notice!

With these social distancing measures in place, the maniacs won't get the chance to do their crime as easy as before.

This is the best way to keep our population safe and protected from the criminal elements present in society! 

Well done Covid-19! 

Monday, June 08, 2020

Ibrahim Pendek's 'First Ever Malay Actor' featuring in a Hollywood film story. The Hard Truths.

Like everyone else born here in Malaysia, I too felt elated to know that Allahyarham Ibrahim bin Hassan a.k.a. 'Ibrahim Pendek' was the first ever Malay actor to have acted in 'The Spiral Road', a Hollywood film, way back in 1962.

The Spiral Road is not available for watching on YouTube but you can view it at  

Synopsis excerpted from Wikipedia:

'The Spiral Road' starring famous actor Rock Hudson was about an atheistic Dutch doctor, ' Dr. Anton Drager who travels to Batavia [Dutch East Indies] in 1936, to study the effects of Leprosy, under the wing of Dr. Brits Jansen, [played by Burl Ives] an expert on the disease.

The two physicians have many of the same views scientifically, but are philosophically a mismatch because of Drager's atheism and Jansen's devout Christianity.

After being married to his sweetheart, Els (Gena Rowlands), Drager must trek into the jungle to track down Frolick (Philip Abbott), a drunken river master who is lost. Frolick has been driven mad by a shaman called Burubi (Reggie Nalder). Drager eventually comes across Frolick, but ends up killing him in self-defense.

After rescuing another doctor, in the same region, Anton becomes lost in the wild. He nearly dies and has lapsed into a coma by the time he is rescued. Drager's ordeal comes to change his perceptions, turning him into a Christian.

End of synopsis.
Rock Hudson carrying Ibrahim Pendek 

For all the hype and excitement by certain parties exalting the entrance of the late Ibrahim Pendek as the first Malay actor to have appeared in a Hollywood film production back in the early 60s, I felt a sense of despair watching the minuscule role that the late Ibrahim Pendek played in the movie.

As an avid movie buff and lover of the glorious heydays of the Malay Film Productions Ltd. [Jalan Ampas, Singapore, Shaw Brothers owned film studios] and those produced by Cathay Keris studios, both from Singapore, I was actually quite sad to see how the talented Taiping born actor, Ibrahim bin Hassan a.k.a. Ibrahim Pendek was actually being dehumanized in that movie by giving him an insulting name such as 'Stegomyia' which really refers to a species of the mosquito!

I understand that back in those days, it must have been quite euphoric for any actor here in then post-colonial British Malaya and Singapore to be considered for even such an insignificant role in a Hollywood film production.

They didn't have the means to look it up @ names of character roles and simply must have jumped for joy at even being selected! So, that is that!

Ibrahim Pendek's role as 'Stegomyia' who procured a 'Native Woman' for the pleasure of the Dr. Anton Grager [Rock Hudson]

Those in the know would very well be able to understand the condescending stereotyping of the natives chosen to be in such Hollywood productions.

They even chose a blackened face of actor Edgar Stehli to play 'The Sultan'! 

Edgar Stehli as the Sultan

The film didn't really do well at the box-office. In fact the film was a flop compared to the other film ' To Kill a Mocking Bird' by the same Director, Robert Mulligan. 

In the film, Ibrahim Pendek's character appears just a few times and his appearance is just of a comical nature with no real impact on the film's storyline. He was just an aide to the character of Burl Ives.

I believe that Ibrahim Pendek was much more celebrated as an actor in the many P. Ramlee movies where he played much more meaningful roles. 

A Rahim and Ibrahim Pendek in Ali Baba Bujang Lapok

Who can forget his role as the 'Sarjan' in 'Ali Baba Bujang Lapok'? Or as Cikgu Murni's father in Nasib si Labu Labi'. Ibrahim Pendek also played an important role as P.Ramlee's sidekick in Anak Ku Sazali

It's not that I do not celebrate Ibrahim Pendek having been selected to act in a Hollywood film production. Only that the way they insulted such a gifted actor by naming his as 'Stegomyia' @ mosquito and the role he had to play in the film. 

Watch the movie here and see whether you agree with my views? That he deserved a better role and character name than what he was offered.

Friday, June 05, 2020

Tatkala wabak pandemik Covid-19 melanda negara, ahli politik Malaysia rakus berebut kuasa!

Assalamualaikum para pembaca budiman. Dewasa ini, kita sedunia sedang melalui satu zaman di mana wabak penyakit Coronavirus atau Covid-19 sedang merebak, membunuh ratusan ribu manusia dan menyebabkan kehidupan sejagat turut tersekat, tidak bebas kesana sini seperti biasa.

Kerajaan Malaysia mengeluarkan PKB @ Perintah Kawalan Bergerak ke atas kita pada 18hb Mac, 2020 nan lalu melarang warganegara keluar ikut sesuka tanpa perlu. Makanya secara tidak langsung, kita semua seakan di hukum penjara di kediaman masing-masing.

Saya hairan melihat perangai dan sikap tidak bertanggungjawab sebahagian besar orang-orang politik negara kita yang seolah tidak mengambil peduli akan keadaan merbahaya terhadap pentingnya kesejahteraan kita bersama di ketika ini dengan akur terhadap kewajipan akur terhadap PKB ini dan menumpukan perhatian tentang cara-cara menjaga kesihatan tubuh badan, zahir dan batin serta keseimbangan mental serta keyakinan diri.

Untuk berjaya mengharungi musim perintah berkurung di dalam rumah masing-masing, memerlukan ketenangan jiwa dan kesepakatan seluruh warganegara tanahair ini untuk seia-sekata menghadapi ancaman pandemik Coronavirus ini yang telah meragut sebegitu banyak nyawa di seluruh dunia.

Namun dikala dunia sedang berusaha untuk menghentikan penularan Coronavirus @ Covid-19 ini, kita dikejutkan dengan berita kerakusan sebilangan besar ahli-ahli politik negara kita yang enggan #dudukdiamdiam menanti bahaya ini berlalu pergi dan sebaliknya sedang berusaha sedaya mungkin untuk berebut kuasa politik dengan lobi-melobi tak sudah-sudah untuk mempengaruhi satu sama lain untuk melompat parti dan berubah kesetiaan terhadap pemimpin sedia ada.

Nafsu untuk berkuasa dan menjadi perdana menteri tidak pernah reda dan terus meluap-luap walau pada diri yang sudah berusia senja dan hampir tidak bermaya. Ada pulak yang berkokok tidak sudah-sudah dan walau tercemar dengan segala macam dosa dan noda, tetap berkeinginan mencapai puncak persada tanpa redha dengan apa yang sudah ada.

Apatah lagi yang dari golongan yang keturunan nya berasal sebagai para penghijrah pencari rezeki dan suaka, ingin pula berubah dari berkeadaan sebagai cacing kerawit mahu  menjadi sang naga. Sebelum ini, mereka sudah berjaya merasai segenggam kuasa dan rakus merasa, kepuasan duduk di puncak pentadbiran dan hampir berupaya menjadi ular lidi menelan sang sawa. Semuanya kerana apa? Sebab Melayu sebenar sudah lupa.

Ingin saya kongsikan beberapa rangkap pantun petikan dari Almarhum Tengku Nasyaruddin Effendy @ Tenas Effendy, Sang Pujangga penerus Adat Resam dan Kebudayaan Melayu yang berasal dari Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia yang sarat dengan pesanan dan nasihat berguna bagi mereka yang berketurunan dan hidup bercirikan susur galur warisan Rumpun Melayu seNusantara.
Almarhum Tengku Nasruddin Effendy

Apabila jaga meninggi hari,
             Banyak kerja tidak menjadi,
Apabila suka iri-mengiri,
             Rosak binasa seisi negeri.

Pengertian dari maksud pantun di atas boleh kita rumuskan sebagai merujuk kepada keadaan semasa, di mana para pemimpin mereka yang mengaku Melayu, asyik cantas mencantas di antara satu sama lain di dalam negara ini.

Begitu ramai yang mengaku diri sebagai bijak pandai tidak sadar akan hakikat bahawa perbuatan mereka berebut kuasa akhirnya akan menjadikan ketuanan orang-orang Melayu di tanahair sendiri, hancur lebur, rosak binasa.

1. Apabila hendak memberikan amanah ,
          Berikan kepada orang yang bermaruah.

2. Apabila amanah hendak diserahkan,
          Serahkan kepada yang teguh beriman.

3. Apabila amanah hendak berlanjut,
          Serah kan kepada yang patut-patut.

4. Apabila amanah hendak kekal,
          Serahkan kepada orang yang berakal

5. Apabila amanah hendak bermanfaat,
          Serahkan kepada orang yang taat.

6. Apabila amanah hendak berjaya,
           Serahkan kepada orang yang terpercaya.

7. Apabila amanah hendak di wariskan,
            Wariskan kepada yang rela berkorban.

 8. Apabila mencari pemangku amanah,
             Cari lah yang tidak bercabang lidah.

 9. Apabila amanah hendak di beri
             Berikan ke orang yang tahu diri.
10. Sebelum amanah di berikan ke orang.
             Kelebihannya di tengok, kelemahannya di timbang.

Pemimpin Melayu itu seharusnya berkeperibadian yang tinggi dan berakhlak mulia. Jujur kata-kata nya yang lahir dari jiwa yang senantiasa menjaga serta berwaspada terhadap setiap ucapan dan tutur katanya, seraya teguh berlandaskan Syariat Allah dan Adat Resam Melayu Raya.

Bukan lah ia seorang pemimpin Melayu sejati sekiranya hari ini ia berkata begitu begini dan esoknya pula menafikan serta beralih bicara. Itu hanya menyerlahkan dirinya yang sudah bercabang lidah dan sering mudah berdusta.

Apabila lutut sudah bergoyah,
          Tegak mengerang duduk mengeluh,
Apabila mulut suka memfitnah,
          Banyaklah orang menjadi musuh.

Bukan suka suka mengarang kata. Tulisan saya ini berasaskan fakta. Sudah kurang pemimpin budiman di tanahair kita ini. Ianya terbukti didalam lipatan sejarah. Media massa tidak sunyi menyiarkan berita. Lengkap berbukti dan juga rakaman suara serta paparan visual yang nyata.

Seharusnya kita semua mengambil kira akan segala sudut tentang latar belakang seseorang yang mahukan kuasa dan mentadbir negara. Apakah ia layak duduk di puncak persada atau sekadar ingin merompak, menyamun, menyonglap segala apa khazanah negara?

Thursday, June 04, 2020

#PDRM ~ Setiap Anggota Polis Di-Raja Malaysia mesti tonton dan muhasabah diri!

Setiap anggota Polis Di-Raja Malaysia boleh mengambil faedah dari kisah yang di paparkan di-dalam filem Tamil ini.

Semangat kepolisian yang tinggi di dalam watak protagonis utama ini memang boleh anda hargai di dalam cerita ini. 

Ada terjemahan di dalam Bahasa Inggeris bagi anda memahami apa yang sedang di tuturkan di dalam filem ini.

Semoga ada manfaat bagi yang berkenaan.

Monday, June 01, 2020

Malaysia's Inconsistent Democracies ~ Flip-flopping Politicians and their Idiosyncrasies!

I am sure that rational Malaysians would agree with my saying that the current political situation in Malaysia is very inconsistent with the way that self-centered politicians, who whilst blowing their 'peoples first' clarion call slogans, are in reality mere political turncoats who would sell even their souls just to ensure that their greed to fatten their proverbial bank accounts and feather their nests gets realized .. at the people's expense!

4th PM, 7th PM, Still Wants to be PM

Just take a look at the way, we have seen both state and federal governments, crumble and fall when state assemblymen and women or members of our Malaysian parliament jump from their political parties to another, switching allegiances at their own whims and fancies whereas they won their seats of power being candidates of this or that political party.

Same party ; differing ambitions

Political opportunists. That's what they are. They betrayed the trust of those who elected them in the first place. According to the principles of Islamic Syariah, those who betray the trusts of people aren't fit to hold power or be in official position. Nowadays, all such principles are simply ignored for these rotten politicians just don't give a rats ass about all that! All that they care for is simply 'What's in it for me?'

Sheraton Move Schemers

We are actually in a quandary. Even those who have religious credentials or claim to champion Islam and all that it stands for, have proven to be nothing more but mere wolves in sheepskin. Many a times, we have all witnessed high officials being caught and charged with having committed criminal breach of trusts, abuse of their power and positions, embezzlement and various other abuses and serious offenses. They might look holy moly in their appearances and utterances complete with Quranic verses or citing this and that Hadith but it is all just an excuse to make Halal their acts of Haram!

SD's after SD's proclaiming support are presented

In today's Malaysian political uncertainty, you just never know who's going to skewer who's back in the next second? All these fellows aren't really bothered about the common citizens languishing in utter poverty or dire straits because they don't give a rat's ass about Makcik Kiah or Uncle Ah Seng or Meenachi going hungry and living in squalor at some God forsaken corner of the city's outskirts or evading the leaking roofs of some rotting huts in a faraway kampong or besides a rubbish dump as we saw in Ustaz Ebit Lew's Charity Mission on his YouTube Channel lately.

The politicians discussing at the billionaire's palatial residence above would not want to soil their sweet scents loving filthy rich nostrils with the awful stench and pong of common citizens surviving besides such a rotten rubbish dump compared to the likes of the sincere Ustaz Ebit Lew who helps provide for the desolate, suffering poor of this country.

As the wealthy but still greedy politicians plot and scheme engaged in meetings to find ways to seize power through votes of no-confidence against the current prime minister in 5 star hotels and private palaces of the powers that be, Ustaz Ebit Lew helps in getting a former soldier suffering with his family in a ramshackle hut, a more livable home where Ustaz Ebit Lew foots the rental himself and buys for them out of his own pocket, all the household furniture and electrical utensils that they would need plus expense money for them to survive.

Weird, isn't it? Filthy rich politicians shamelessly scheming for power and stabbing each others backs at the slightest opportune chance, putting up a false front pretending to care for the 'rakyat' whilst the beguiled masses struggle to find adequate food and shelter for their families.

Allegiances are switched at the drop of a songkok! Watch the following photos and try to register as to what kind of political turncoats or shameless frogs, these types are?

This is just an example of Baru Bian formerly of PKR joining Mahathir's PPBM party.

Today, he joins Parti Sarawak Bersatu! Tomorrow? Just wait and see what takes place! Flip flippety flop! 

Baru Bian joins PSB

From what I hear, is that the scheming politicians are still at it. Loyalties are still going to be traded and Statutory Declarations showing support to the never say die, still wannabe PM guy is ongoing but the incumbent Taichi Master Muhyiddin is said to have the support of UMNO and PAS Bigwigs who wanna see the Malay Muslim centric PN Federal Government stave off the challenges posed by the Old Jedi who's sworn to overthrow Muhyiddin to the day that he himself will die! 

As the saying goes,'Que sera sera..whatever will be, will be!