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Friday, January 29, 2021

Mensyukuri Nikmat Iman tatkala berada di musim Wabak Covid 19 di Akhir Zaman ini.

Alhamdulillah! Masih di panjangkan usia saya oleh Allahu Rabbul Jalil untuk terus menyampaikan sedikit peringatan berkaitan tajuk ' Mensyukuri Nikmat Iman di Akhir Zaman Bhgn 2/2' ini.

Mari kita mulakan dengan mengkaji Bab Rukun Iman terhadap Allah, Tuhan Maha Pencipta akan semuanya di segala alam ini. Ada pelbagai macam alam. Ada alam zahir dan juga alam batin. Alam Nyata dan Alam Ruh. Yang tidak dapat di lihat oleh mata kasar kita.

Kita semak carta berikut yang memaparkan prinsp prinsip Rukun Iman didalam Islam. 

Pertama sekali : Percaya kepada Allah.

Allah yang bagaimana?

Siapakah atau apakah Allah itu?

Apakah sama dengan Allah 3 dalam 1 seperti yang di dakwa pihak Gereja Katolik Malaysia baru baru ini? Tuhan Bapa; Tuhan Anak ; Tuhan Ruhul Kudus. Tuhan 3 dalam 1. Trinitas.

Tidak sama sekali! Na'uzbillahiminzalik!

Itu konsep ketuhanan khayalan mereka yang kaffir terhadap Allahu Rabbul Jalil. 
Bilamana Nabi Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam mendapat wahyu dari Allahu Ta'ala melalui perantaraan Malaikat Jibril Alaihis Salam semasa Nabi beruzlah @ menyendirikan diri dari segala kekalutan kaum Quraisyh Arab Jahiliyyah di kota Makkah dengan berada didalam Gua Hira' di Jabal Nur, 

Baginda di datangi Jibril Alaihis Salam didalam bentuk suatu cahaya yang terang menerangi kegelapan malam yang pekat sambil bersuara:

Bayangkan keadaan kita jika berada didalam kedudukan Nabi Muhammad seorang diri didalam kegelapan malam didalam gua tersebut? Tiba tiba di datangi suatu cahaya terang benderang dan kemudian suara bergema menyuruh kita membaca 'Iq'ra!' Baca lah!

Bukan mudah bagi Nabi Muhammad untuk menyampaikan Ad Deenul Islam kepada masyarakat Arab Quraisyh Jahiliyyah yang telah sekian lama menjadi kufur terhadap Allah dengan menyembah 360 patung sekeliling Kaabah dan menyimpang jauh dari Agama Tauhid yang disampaikan oleh Nabi Ibrahim Alaihis Salam.

Bagi anda yang berkesempatan untuk menonton filem klasik 'The Message' arahan Moustapha Akkad, anda pasti akan dapat membayangkan bagaimana keadaan semasa Rasul Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam mula menyampaikan risalah Ad Deenul Islam pada penduduk Arab Quraisyh di Kota Makkah dahulu.

Beriman terhadap Allah, Tuhan Maha Pencipta, Maha Berkuasa dan Maha Penyayang. Allahu Rabbul Alamin. 

Sesungguhnya adanya lagi usia kita ini di zaman seluruh dunia di landa pandemik Covid 19 ini boleh di kira sebagai ihsan Allah terhadap kita, hamba ciptaan Nya.

Dah berjuta juta orang yang di landa Covid 19. Beratus ratus ribu dah mati. Ada beberapa kes dekat kediaman saya ini. Kurung diri kat rumah. Namun seperti kelaziman manusia, lama lama melewar lah kembali ke serata alam. Covid tak covid, kalau dah jenis tak makan saman, susah nak bendung.

Saksikan seorang ibu yang merakamkan pesanan terakhir nya kepada dunia sebelum ia mati, meninggalkan dunia yang fana ini.

Sayangnya, Sara Montoya, warga Amerika Syarikat ini meninggal sebelum sempat mendiang beriman terhadap Allah. Wallalahu 'alam samada mendiang pernah di hampiri pendakwah Islam atau pun tidak semasa hayatnya?

Semoga kita sama sama sempat berusaha membaiki diri dan mengemaskini Iman dan Aqidah sebelum menghela nafas kita yang terakhir. Insya Allah.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

America's 46th President-Elect Joseph R. Biden / Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris getting sworn in today! Alhamdulillah!

20th January 2021. Wednesday. In 3 more hours, we will witness the live telecast of the Inauguration of the 46th President and Vice-President of the United States of America.

The world jointly breathes a huge sigh of relief knowing that Donald John Trump will officially cease to hold office as the worst ever president of the USA effective 12.00pm today.


Good riddance! 

Thursday, January 07, 2021

Trump's Terrorists Occupy Washington's Capitol! Isn't the USA now another Shithole Country?

I am not surprised at all by what has happened at the US Government's Capitol Building Complex at Washington, the capital city of the United States of America, yesterday!!! 

Do you remember what the 45th President of the USA, Donald J. Trump said when he lost to Joseph R. Biden in the 2020 Presidential elections?

He said to his white supremacist supporter's militia, who were heavily armed and calling upon them to,'Stand Back & Stand By!'

This is what Trump had in mind when he issued that order!

What are the American authorities waiting for? 

ARREST TRUMP!!! Strip him of his authority! Unleash your Law Enforcement agencies and round up all those terrorists who attacked your nation's capital!

Or are you just another 'shithole country' gone yellow???

Prove to us that you are truly the most powerful nation on Earth and don't wait till it's too damn late!

January the 6th, 2021 will forever be remembered as another Day of Infamy when America was attacked by its own home-grown TERRORISTS!

Saturday, January 02, 2021

Nations of Bastards ~ What most so-called 'Developed Nations' today have turned into! May Allah Forbid!

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

If we are to look at the sorry state of affairs regarding the problem of the disintegration of the family institution of Western Society, especially when it concerns the growing numbers of illegitimate children being born over there in the developed nations, we who are Believers in Allah the Almighty as Mukmins,  will shudder seeing how holy marriage is now no more being upheld as a pillar of legalised identity amongst mankind over there.

There used to be a time in the Western human society where the very act of the union between a man and a woman was an extremely important matter and those who committed fornication and adultery outside marriage were severely dealt with and ostracised by the whole community. 

Sadly, as Mankind started to progress in Science & Technology, the much-appreciated sense of decency and morality started to be shed, bit by bit until today, there are those in the West who have lost it altogether!

Depravity has become the order of the day and there are now millions in America, Britain, Canada, France, Denmark, and many other European countries where men and women do not know who their father is?

They belong to the Nations of Bastards

There are so many cases of children being raped and turned into sex slaves by their own fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, and brothers that it is mind boggling to even think what has happened to Western society despite them claiming to be fighting for Freedom, Human Rights, Dignity for the entire world!

The number of illegitimate children being born worldwide is alarming. Check out this 2014 chart. Horrendous!

Living together @ cohabiting has become the norm in most of the countries above. Really disgusting!

Even here in Malaysia, we are seeing a worrying case of teenage pregnancies due to sex outside marriage.
So, who do we blame? The authorities, the parents, or the young females themselves or the perverts and paedophiles, often found to be their own family members or close contacts to these unfortunate girls or young women?

We can easily point an accusing finger to so many sources, but it just won't solve the problem. Some say that the easy availability of social media where videos and photos of explicit content adds to the vulnerability of these young victims. 

But that would not be fair as through the internet and other current and future communication methods, Mankind also gains so much to educate and inform those who need to know and learn from billions of informative, immensely beneficial websites and portals.

So, it also comes down to proper parenting and guidance of those who fear Allah and are raised according to time honored traditions and values which do not victimize anyone as per what we hold to be our true values as responsible human beings. Yet we differ from one nation to another, through our cultures and traditions, which might be acceptable to one but offensive to another. 

I came across and watched an Ethiopian movie recently showing the injustice suffered by a teenage schoolgirl who was forcibly abducted on her way back home to her parents. She was raped and kept hostage by a man whom she had refused to be betrothed to because she wanted to continue with her studies and dreamed of going to a university. 

When she got a chance to escape and, in the process, was forced to shoot and kill her abductor and rapist, using a rifle carelessly left by the man, she was caught and handed over to the police. The villagers bayed for her blood and demanded her to be killed in return. 

A dedicated female lawyer, working pro bono, fought tenaciously against all odds to obtain her freedom, facing so many obstacles from a male dominated society, still steeped in age old unjust traditions where a man can just take by force any girl or woman, he likes, rape and do with her whatever he wants! 

Watch this award-winning Angelina Jolie produced, Ethiopian movie [Difret] below and try to understand what still goes on in certain parts of our world? 

Where girls and young women are still not being given their rights and respect to live life as they deserve.

Society needs to get back to the basics of human decency and accord to the womenfolk true respect and rights that each of them deserves. We need to stop this terrible slide of hedonistic practices that destroyed so many civilizations before us as recorded in human history.

It starts from home and each of us have a responsibility towards saving our loved ones from becoming unfortunate statistics, amongst those who earn the Wrath of the Almighty and perish as a whole from this Life!

In Surah An Nur, Chapter 24, Verse 2 of the Holy Qur'an :
Allah Azza Wa Jalla commands that 'As for female and male [unmarried] fornicators, give each of them one hundred lashes, and do not let pity for them make you lenient in ˹enforcing˺ the law of Allah if you ˹truly˺ believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a number of believers witness their punishment.'

You need to learn and differentiate between the Islamic Syariah punishment and that of the 'Civil Courts' system of caning. 

The proper way of administering the Syariah caning system is like that which is currently being put to practice in the Autonomous Region of Nanggroe Acheh Darussalam, North Sumatra, in the Peoples Republic of Indonesia.

It is meant to be a means of educating society through punishing the wrongdoers in a manner that is more of a milder form of punishment and make them repent than cause them grievous hurt and harm them permanently which is evident in the methods used by the Civil Courts as shown below:

Believe me that whichever convicted prisoner is caned as per the Civil Courts system, he will definitely be not only scarred for life, his libido will be no more as the severe caning will surely cause him internal organ damage!

Try doing that in all these countries having all these skyrocketing adulterous fornication cases and you'll see an immediate reduction of such crimes.

Watch the video below and see for yourselves how Pastor Steven Anderson, a Christian preacher is lambasting Iceland for being the leading 'Nation of Bastards' with 67% of its population now known to be bastards, born illegitimately!

Pastor Gino Jennings is a straight-talking American preacher who gives his congregation a tongue lashing when it comes to matters such as Sex out of Marriage and Fornication!

I recall reading somewhere that there is only a faint line separating us, Mukmins who are True Believers in Allahu Rabbul Alamin from these Christian preachers Steven Anderson, Gino Jennings and Rabbis from the Orthodox Jewish communities.

I read comments from those who hate Christian preachers like Pastor Anderson and Pastor Gino Jennings accusing him of being agents of Satan or Islam, because they can't stomach the hard-hitting truth of his arguments!

If only these deaf, dumb, and blind folks obey and listen to preachers Anderson or Gino Jennings, those Western countries wouldn't be facing the realities of today where their population is now approaching humongous proportions of bastards amongst them!

Sadly, even people here in Asia are falling into the chasm of fornicators and adulterers without giving a rat's ass about it or bother about the prohibitions from Allah the Almighty to not approach Zina @ Fornication!

I can only do my bit by sharing reminders such as this posting to help you and myself to do our best to avoid succumbing to our Nafs, so we may be saved from falling into the Hellfire by our Repentance and striving to be on the Straight Path that Allah has revealed to us through the Al-Quran, His Final Commandments to Guide us to our Salvation!

Ameen Ya Allah!