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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Wau Bulan - Traditional Kelantanese Dikir Barat awesomely sung by American, Singapore, Japanese, International Choirs!

As a Malaysian, I felt immensely proud and had tears streaming from my eyes as I watched these foreigners sing our Malaysian Traditional Dikir Barat songs from Kelantan so beautifully and receiving thunderous applause from the mesmerised audiences.

International Singing Week Flanders arrangement by Tracy Wong

Vocal Ensemble Caloroso

Sage singing with the CYC

If you are a true Malaysian watching this, you'll surely get goosebumps tingling all over you! Look at how well they sing and the energy they exhibit as they perform so passionately, our Malaysian heritage song!

iSing Silicon Valley

These talented performers add a certain finesse to the performance of one of our country's musical heritage. You can see the huge difference in the way that these young stars sing and deliver their act. Quite polished, I must say.

Cincinnati Youth Choir

Oakville Choir for Children and Youth

Hamilton's Childrens Choir

Do you notice that some of these performances take place in church halls and auditoriums as those places have amazing acoustics! Their audiences are also very appreciative and applaud the performers, encouraging them.

Ikeda Junior Choir

Singapore Wisma Geylang, Dikir Barat Jamming Session

The 'Wau Bule' song was composed and sung by Allahyarham Seman Mamat a.k.a. 'Seman Wau Bule' who passed away at his home located at Kampong Belukar Beta Hulu, Kota Bharu, Kelantan Darul Naim on the 29th of May, 2005. He was 65 years of age. Seman Wau Bule was Kelantan's Arts Icon. May Allah bless his soul with Jannah @ Paradise. Ameen.

Video below shows him performing in traditional Malay Heritage Couture during a mega Dikir Barat show where 45 groups, 85 musicians and a 1000 Dikir Barat singers gathered at the Kota Bharu Stadium where the Kelantan Queen @ Sultanah was in attendance.

Arwah Seman Wau Bulan must truly be pleased to see his song performed all over the world, so beautifully like what we have witnessed in the videos here.

Seruling Kasih Group featuring Emie Sukmasari & Amran DBA

A typical Malaysian Dikir Barat performance

I hope that Malaysians will preserve our traditional Malay Heritage & Culture as it was first created by the original artistes and not make needless improvisations as it will destroy the values and significance to our country's identities.